The Forward: Beatie Deutsch-Mighty Mom Of The Marathon

Beatie Deutsch: Mighty Mom Of The Marathon Article reposted from the The Forward So far, nothing has deterred Beatie Deutsch in her remarkable and rapid emergence as a world-class distance runner. Born and raised in the United States, Deutsch, 30, moved to Israel a decade ago and, in 2016, finished sixth in the Tel Aviv […]

Jerusalem Post: 50 Most Influential Jews

Beatie Deutsch

42 on the Jerusalem Post List Of 50 Most Influential Jews Article reposted from the Jerusalem Post Marathon mom Beatie Deutsch is opening the eyes of the Israeli public #42: Beatie Deutsch By JOSHUA HALICKMAN SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 20:13   Is it possible that an observant Jewish mother of five is at the top of the Israeli […]

Runner World: Meet Beatie Deutsch

Runner World: Meet Beatie Deutsch, the Ultra-Orthodox Runner Setting Records and Shattering Expectations Article reposted from By HAILEY MIDDLEBROOK JAN 24, 2019 Less than three years after starting to run, the mother of five won the Tiberias Marathon in 2:42. Halfway through the Tiberias Marathon in Tiberias, Israel, on January 4, Bracha “Beatie” Deutsch thought victory […]

Speedy Beatie strikes again: Haredi athlete wins Tiberias Marathon

Reposted from Bracha Deutsch, a 29 year old ultra-Orthodox mother of five and the first Israeli female Haredi marathon runner, claims the coveted spot among the country’s all-time female marathon runners Bracha “Beatie” Deutsch, 29, a ultra-Orthodox mother of five from Jerusalem and the new athletics sensation in Israel, on Friday claimed first place […]

Eishet Chayil: An Interview With Jerusalem’s Fastest Woman, Beatie Deutsch

We’ve been kvelling all week about Beatie Deutsch, a religious mother of five in Jerusalem who had the fastest time of any Israeli woman in the Jerusalem Marathon. Beatie, a Har Nof resident who made Aliya from NY, ran the 42.2 km course on Friday in just 3:09, making her 25th overall and first among Israeli […]

Orthodox Mother of 5 Ranks as Top Israeli Finisher in the Jerusalem Marathon

Beatie Deutsch, who immigrated to Israel from the US, runs in a skirt and head covering, and gives God credit for her success. By: Steve Leibowitz, World Israel News Beatie Deutsch is a 28-year-old Orthodox mother of five young kids. She was also the first Israeli woman to finish the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon, and did […]

Top female Israeli Jerusalem Marathoner is religious mom

Running in modest attire, Beatie Deutsch ran the 2018 Jerusalem Winner Marathon in 3:09 and the 2017 Tel Aviv Marathon while seven months pregnant. “Jerusalem of Gold you are mine!” posted Beatie Deutsch on Instagramafter crossing the finish line of the 2018 Jerusalem Winner Marathon in three hours and nine minutes, putting her in first place […]

Haredi Mother of Five Wins Fastest Israeli Female at Jerusalem Marathon

Beatie Deutsch, the Haredi Jewish mother of five who made headlines when noticed by George Takei, Business Insider and more for running the Tel Aviv Marathon while 7.5 months pregnant, made history again by winning the top spot by Israeli women competing in the Jerusalem Marathon. Deutsch is still in shock. “I knew I had a shot […]

Une mère de famille de Har Nof parmi les vainqueurs du Marathon de Jérusalem

Le 8e marathon de Jérusalem, devenu une véritable tradition, a réuni vendredi matin pas moins de 35 000 coureurs venus de 72 pays. La première femme israélienne gagnante de cette compétition se nomme Betty Deutsch : c’est une Juive orthodoxe du quartier de Har Nof, âgée de 28 ans, mariée et mère de cinq enfants. Alors que […]

Israel’s Fastest Woman is a Mom of Five Kids

With all that running after kids, is it any surprise that the fastest woman in Jerusalem is a Jewish mom of five? Beatie Deutsch, who moved from the United States to Jerusalem, killed it at the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon this past Friday. She finished at an impressive 3:09:50, officially making her the fastest Israeli woman. Deutsch, who wore […]